Statement on the cancelled JLBJH concerts in 2012

The scheduled October tour of 2012 by JLBJH was contracted and booked by Mean Fiddler Group who were intrinsically linked with HMV. As most of you will be aware by now, the financial difficulties of HMV had a knock on effect in terms of restrictions within the Mean Fiddler Group, eventually leading the sale of Mean Fiddler at the end of last year. The band found themselves in the position of Mean Fiddler being unable to fulfill their contractual obligations some four weeks before the shows were due to take place.

Upon investigation it was also discovered that the appropriate technical specifications were not in place for several concerts and no previously agreed deposits would be forthcoming from Mean Fiddler. Furthermore, Mean Fiddler stated that they would not be able to guarantee any of the contracted fees for the band and that JLBJH would have to bear the costs of bringing the required PA systems into several venues.

The band and their management were forced to make a decision regarding the best way forward. Promised advertising and promotion had not been undertaken and it appeared that the band would incur a significant loss if the shows remained with Mean Fiddler. Considering the impact that this would have on the loyal JLBJH fan base, the band and management decided to try to save four concerts from the schedule and took on the liability for these shows to minimize the inconvenience and disappointment to fans. Thankfully, the resulting concerts were well attended and were some of the most enjoyable ever played by the band. The support from fans was most moving and we sincerely apologise for the state of affairs that led to cancellations last year. The concerts scheduled in the UK for November 2013 are being promoted by venues and independent promoters who have worked with the band for some years and have always honoured their obligations.